Saturday, October 29, 2011

A 'Three-Fold' Issue!

     Mrs Wug: What shall we talk about this week?...I know...Laundry! Especially 'folding' of laundry. It's an issue. O_0
Mr. Wug: An issue for who?!
       Mrs. Wug: An issue for 'us'!
Mr. Wug: Okay...the issue is we both fold laundry different ways. You have to be 'prim and proper' and I like to roll it up and stuff it in the drawer! Plain and simple....I'm a simple man. :-)
      Mrs. Wug: I wouldn't be saying that too loud if I was you...about the simple part. LOL But be that as it may, how dare you call my folding methods 'prim and proper'! I prefer to think of it as simply PROPER...period! :-]

Mr. Wug: Whoever heard of folding a washcloth a third one way, a third the other way, and then in half?! It seems like a lot of folding! I want my fellow men bloggers to chime in. I'm sure they would agree that a washcloth should be folded a half one way, and a half again, and you're done! You save a step! :-))
     Mrs. Wug: Okay, let's talk about this from two directions. Number one...a washcloth folded your way is gonna take up more room in the drawer...that is, if you can actually get it 'in' the drawer in the first place! I've got so much stuff in there now......

Mr. Wug: What are you trying to say?!
      Mrs. Wug: I'm trying to say that the 'Stuff and Go' method doesn't work for laundry!! That works for those ridiculously huge sandwiches that you make, but not for laundry!! Laundry in the drawer is not suppose to be in there saying to each other: "Move over!"..."No, you move over!"..."Hey! Get your corner outta my side!"..."Watch out! He's coming! Hold on to the side of the drawer because when he snatches this drawer open we're all gonna fly out!!" LOL

Mr. Wug: What?...Now you got the laundry talking to each other?! ^_^ you're gonna go there!...In that case, my laundry says this: "There's a party going on around here!'..."I wonder whose coming next!"..."This is exciting!'..."Don't you love being in with the crowd!?" ^_^
       Mrs. Wug: Oh Boy!...*shaking my head*...Let's move on!...Number two: When the laundry is folded my way and put on the open shelf in the bathroom where everyone can see it, it looks prettier. It doesn't have open flaps hanging out like yours does. It just has a rounded, neat, pretty look, and the design is sitting just in the right spot!...
     ...You could take pictures for 'Better Homes and Gardens' in my bathroom if they're folded like I fold them!!

Mr. Wug: What?! Did you get a phone call I didn't hear about?! Is 'Better Homes and Gardens coming over here with a photographer?! O_O Should I get out my properly folded apron and put it on and act like Martha Stewart?..."Welcome to our humble abode!" ^_^
      Mrs. Wug: Now you're just being silly. Why would you be wearing an apron?!

Mr. Wug: Why indeed!
       Mrs. Wug: I was saying, you and I are the only two who live in this house, but we do have guests sometimes. What do we want them to think about us...that we're really homeless people, pretending to live inside? And that we have no 'couth'?!...Or that we might be letting our guests use unclean toiletries?...because folded the way you fold them they look like somebody's been rolling them around on the floor, playing with them!...And don't get me started about the way your shirts look when they come out of the drawer!

Mr. Wug: And that's why we got a steam dryer, so that I could just toss them in, press the cycle, and a few minutes later...Wallah!...They come out smooth as ice!
     Mrs. Wug: Smooth as ice, huh?!...Well why do you sometimes look like 'Wrinkle Johnson' when you leave here to go to work!! LOL Apparently putting the shirts through the cycle takes time.....And that brings us right back to where we started. The clothes need to be folded up 'properly', and put in the drawer or hung up 'properly', so that they can be worn, without too much bother, whenever you get ready to put them on!

Mr. Wug:  What can I say...haven't you noticed, the wrinkle look is in!
      Mrs. Wug: Not in this house, it's not!...Take the time and fold the clothes properly please.

Mr. Wug: Okay...a third, a third, and a half. Oh boy!! O_0 Hmmm...maybe I'll get a feature in 'Better Homes and Gardens'! LOL


  1. LOVE this!! Thank you for the feature :)

  2. Danielle, Thanks! :-) It was our pleasure to share.

  3. Funny! Thanks so much for featuring my French Laundry nice of you!

  4. Renee, ^_^ Thank you for your comment! It was our pleasure to share your nice sign. ♥

  5. I am so with you here, Miss Wug! Sheets and pillowcases, no 'endies' are sticking out and perfectly placed on the shelf or in the drawer and don't even get me started on socks and underwear (and we use cloth napkins!!!...half then thirds all matchy matchy)! Making a bed...the same thing, must be meticulous for our comfort and esthetic beauty which is all bound up with relaxation mode and....the depth of this topic is immense...I think we're kindred spirits. You and I would probably have a very blissful life living together....we could visit the hubbies occasionally and just tsk tsk at their disarray:)

  6. SOiNTOiT, Mrs. Wug says "Here! Here!" ^_^ I'm with you 100%...maybe 110%!! I think you and I would be great 'roomies'! Living and sleeping in perfect 'folded' comfort!! :-] And if people came to visit us and visited our linen closets they'd consider coming to live and smile with us for eternity!! Ha! Ha! Ha!....Mr. Wug says: "Heyyyyy! Where are all the men around here?! Is nobody gonna help me out?!!...*shaking his head*" ^_^

  7. Laurie, ^_^ We're glad you liked it!...Thanks for stopping to say so. ♥

  8. This is hilarious!! Mr. Wug....I AM siding with you on the washcloth folding. I take the easy way out too. BUT......and that's a big BUT....I have a linen closet and so have plenty of room for them. If I didn't, some changes would have to be made I'm sure! LOL
    I guess there really IS no right or wrong. It's just in the way you are accustomed to folding.
    Thanks for perking me up this morning. I needed that! :)

  9. CinLynn Boutique, BEAD!!! How could you?!! Of course there's a right or wrong!! LOL And Shhhh! Even if you do have enough room for them...correct folding is a must!! ^_^ Mrs. Wug?...Unhappy!...Mr. Wug? Ecstatic!! ^_^

  10. Hello,

    This is funny!! I love the laundry sign, very cute!

    Yes, 1 week without internet & cable. I lost power just for 3 days, some people did not have power this morning still.

    Happy weekend.

  11. Priscilla, Hello! :-] We like that laundry sign too! It would look cute in our laundry room too!...We're sorry you had to go so long without power also We have friends who are "STILL" without power...and will be until Monday or Tuesday next week! It's gonna be a rough weekend for them...but we hope you have a good one now that you're back up and running! :-)

  12. Wow, ever since my GP took over all of the laundry duties, the folds don't bother me! Seriously, I'm one lucky gal - he washes and folds and sometimes they even arrive in the right drawer!
    Thanks for the laugh - hope you're both enjoying the weekend!

  13. Lisa, WOW! I wish I could muster up that same kind of acceptance! ^_^ But unfortunately even though Mr. Wug does the laundry happily, I STILL get flustered that things are all hanging off of shelves and out of drawers like we're living in an unfolded alternate universe!! LOL He's sure that one day acceptance is gonna wash over me like a gentle rain...But right now it's more like 'the calm before the storm'!! ^_^

  14. haha.yeap.this is a topic men and women will never agree on!lol

  15. Elisa, ^_^ I think you're right!!


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