Friday, October 14, 2011


       Hello Everybody!!...*both of us waving*...We're back!!! ^_^ And have we got a subject today!! Do any of you have nicknames?...

     Mrs. Wug: Do you like your nicknames I've given you over the years?

Mr. Wug: Yeah, some I do. Others I don' 'Boo-Stinky' or 'Booger'.  Why would you call somebody a mucus slimy clot? I'm NOT a mucus slimy clot!! :-]

     Mrs. Wug: Ha! Ha! Ha! Okay...I can understand why you're not that crazy about those. But I've given you a lot of cute names over the years too!...Like 'Squeaky'. :-) Do you remember why I called you that?!

Mr. Wug: Yeah, I remember. It's because when we were dating I took baths...LOL...and I used to put on my sexy cologne. So I smelled good!...
     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ I do remember that you used to smell really good...But...Uhhh...I didn't remember that in connection with your nickname. I didn't remember WHY I was calling you 'Squeaky'. It just was something that stuck! :-))

Mr. Wug:...But I have to be honest with you. I first thought you were calling me 'Squeaky' because I used to wear 'sneakers' all the time and they used to squeak on the floor.

     Mrs. Wug:  Ha! Ha! uhhhh...NO!

Mr. Wug: Did you like any of the nicknames I gave you?!

     Mrs. Wug: I liked ALL of the nicknames you gave me! My favorite is 'Puddles' :-) ...
         ...And I remember how I got that name too!

Mr. Wug: Yeah, I gave you that name because when we would be watching a movie or something, you would cry at the drop of a hat! I said 'Boy! You're forming a lot of puddles'!

     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ Yep! That's my claim to fame! ^_^ ...and my name!... :-) ...But I also like the other names you call me. 'Honey', 'Dear', and my all time favorite...'Bae' (shortened form of 'baby')! ...Well, that's not just 'my' name. That's the name we call each other!

Mr. Wug: Yes, and I like it when our friends come over and tease us about it too..."Bae, would you like some tea?!" LOL

     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ Yeah....It also makes me think of Otis Redding's song "Sittin' on the dock of the BAY"...LOL...That's a different kind of 'Bae' though! ^_^ But you 'do' look like Otis Redding! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: I like the nickname 'Wug'...Thank you 'Baby Wuglyee'!  :-) ...And I like that you're called by that name now too! But we both had some 'not-so-nice' childhood nicknames too! YIKES! I'm glad nobody's calling us them! LOL

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha! I remember as a kid they used to call me 'Old Man'!...
       ...I never understood it. But they said it was because I looked like an old man...and I was only 14 years old!

     Mrs. Wug: Well, 'Dear' might have something to do with the way your mother used to dress you when you were a kid! LOL I mean...not many elementary school kids were wearing men's dress shirts buttoned up to the neck! Ha! Ha!

Mr. Wug: Now you know 'you not right'!! Ha! Ha! Ha...Kids used to call you names too! I called you 'Puddles' because you used to cry a lot, but the kids called you something else because you couldn't hold your water! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: Ohhhhh, we going there?! We going THERE?!!! LOL

 Mr. Wug: You started it!! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: That's alright! I'm owning the 'P-- Pot'!! LOL
       ...and just for the record, I don't have any issues now!

Mr. Wug: Okayyyyy...if you say so!! LOL

     Mrs. Wug: LOL....Okay, let's just move on....'Mr. Wrapper'!...
          ....Ha! Ha! Well, maybe that's not fair, because I don't actually call you 'Mr. Wrapper' to your face. That's what I call you when I'm talking 'about' you and your propensity to wrap me up like an octopus at night when I'm trying to sleep! ^_^

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha! Okay, I accept that, but I can't wrap you up for too long anymore because you say you're getting too hot!...Or you put the 'Cold Foot of Death' on me!! LOL When that thing hits me, it takes my breath, sorta like when you go outside and that first cold blast of air hits you in the face! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: LOL No comment!!!

Mr. Wug: Hey...I got a new nickname for you...

     Mrs. Wug: Yeah?!

Mr. Wug:  Yeah...'Wug the Bloggie'!.......No! I'll call you 'The Blogmeister'!! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: Sounds like something I could grow into. :-]

Mr. Wug: Or how about 'The Blog-a-rama'!!

     Mrs. Wug: Okay...You're just getting ridiculous now! 

     Do any of you have nicknames?! Do you like 'em?!...See you next week!


  1. I've never seen so many nicknames in my life!! Wow! As far a "squeaky" is concerned, we had a friend that we called "squeaky" cuz he was a tightwad!! LOL We've had nicknames for each other over the years, but nothing special. We just call each other "hun" or "honey" now days.
    Thanks for the post Mr. and Mrs. Wug! I enjoyed your conversation.

  2. Ha! Ha! Hubby says: "Well, I'm glad I wasn't a tightwad!...^_^..Oops! Maybe a little!! LOL"

    Thanks for the nice comment "hun". :-]

  3. Sorry I didn't get to reading this till a day later. Your talk about nicknames have gotten me to thinking. Almost all of our true friends are called by a nickname. Term of endearment I guess. Here our some of our friends nicknames. Pie man, Oaky, baker, beedy, Da mexican, Kimbo, Sia, Lucky, Elmer, Sasquash, Limbo, two cow. Oh the list could go on. Great story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! Ha! You have us cracking up laughing!!! ^_^ We have a lot of friends and relatives with some funny nicknames too! (And I forgot to mention when I did this post that my sister's ex-husband used to call me "Nurse"! UGH!) But here's some of the nicknames we are a party to: Pokey, Bam Bam, Seal, Peanut, Toni the Tiger, Kentucky, Oop, The Pig Lady, Mudear, Peaches, Mook, Baby Girl, Nutt, and of couse Bead! ^_^ We could go on too, but we'll spare you. LOL Have a good week Vel! {See, I gave you one too! ^_^}


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