Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?!!

            We decided that because we both have our own views on things, and we're sure other long time married couples do too....that we'd share our journey and our views once a the house. :-)
        Today the subject is computers. The conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Wug went something like this:
Mr. Wug: How come I can't use your computer? I have a right! You have your shop, what you think? I'm going to mess it up?

Mrs. Wug: Uhhhh.....No! You can't use my computer...unless we're using it now! LOL You have a slight issue with wanting to click everything and move the mouse back and forth all over the place while I'm reading! I'm afraid that if I let you use my computer the whole universe might disappear!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: That's what I'm talking about! You know how to get anything that disappears back! I know some things about computers! I had one... remember? But I just wasn't online. So now, since you've been using this one, you've learned what to do.

Mrs. Wug:  Okay...okay. Is it that important to you?! I're usually at work anyway, or out in the backyard. I'm always online promoting for my shop or blogging...But, you know what, if it's that important to you....let 'er rip!....I won't look!...Or think about all of the other gadgets you were interested in that went by the wayside, got destroyed, or were sent to the 'I'm through playing with you' graveyard!!! LOL 

Mr. Wug:  Well, I have to admit you're right about the gadgets. But can I get just a little sympathy. Get a little tablet or something? So I can check on email?...or even keep up with you in your shop? Or even start my own little business?!

Mrs. Wug:  No!

Mr. Wug: Oh Well....I tried. You win this round. But remember...they'll be another conversation around here about yarn! LOL


  1. Ha ha!! This is cute! You guys are so funny! We both have our own computers, but only mine is online, so I have to share too. I don't like his bookmarks! I don't care about "Craig's List"! LOL
    I look forward to future bantering!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Aha! I knew we weren't the only ones dealing with this stuff!...And my hubby is not getting any bookmarks on here either! Shhhhh! ^_^

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Wugs, I had to get my own laptop!!! Between me, my hubby and 2 of my musketeers, how could I run a business with their hands all over the keyboard (and screen)?

    I have my own and they can't touch it!

    Great idea for a blog!

  4. Lisa,...

    Mrs. Wug says: I'm with you Lisa! If you walk away and let other little 'wild clicking' fingers put their hands on your mouse...Sorry honey....there's no telling how many hours it'll take you to figure out what damage was done and to fix it!! ^_^

    Mr. Wug said: Thank you Lisa, for your comment. Yeah, it's hard to share when one knows the ins and outs of what they want to do with electronic devices...And Mrs. Wug certainly does! But one day I'll be there...especially if I keep on doing this blog!

  5. lol.. love it.
    This is why Hubby and I have our OWN computers.

  6. Alittlesprite, Smart you! ^_^ Maybe that's where we'll end up too!...Eventually.


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