Sunday, December 25, 2011

'To Be....Butter, Or Not To Be....Butter'!

Mr. Wug: What difference does it make if I use margarine or butter in your cookie recipe?! I'm using butter. Will the cookies come out flatter or fluffier or cake-ier?!

          Mrs. Wug: Actually, it doesn't really matter which one you use...I don't think. I just never used the margarine that the recipe called for.

Mr. Wug: Really? So you 'always' used butter, even though you saw that the recipe called for margarine?

          Mrs. Wug: Yeah, I think that if there's a choice between the 'real stuff', versus the 'fake stuff'....'real stuff' should win! LOL Besides, I like my cookies tasting rich, and a little bit crispier. The butter makes them a little bit crispier...But you go ahead and put the margarine in there like the recipe called for. Your cookies will come out nice and round and perfect..just like you like them! :-)
          (Peanut Butter Cookies by KEcookies)
Mr. Wug: Well.......I don't have no margarine.

          Mrs. Wug: So what were you gonna do if I said put margarine in it?!

Mr. Wug: I guess I would say...I don't have any margarine. I have butter, so I'm just gonna use butter!...especially if you say it tastes better!....I asked because I saw you had margarine scratched out, and butter inserted, on the recipe. I didn't know if it would make a difference.

          Mrs. Wug: Well, I can tell you...butter ALWAYS makes a difference!...Of course there is the down side.

Mr. Wug: What's that? O_O

          Mrs. Wug: Margarine goes into your body like a tourist. It wanders around here and there, looks around, and leaves...without spending too much money on gifts. :-)) ...Butter goes into your body, finds your major arteries, grabs them by the teeth like a junkyard dog, growls and gnaws at them...until you're dead! LOL

Mr. Wug: Well, I don't want it to go that far!... O_O ...I want the butter to just growl at my arteries, shake 'em around a while, slob on 'em, and drop 'em, and walk away. LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Well, forget about the margarine...BUTTER it is!!...but maybe what you can do is just don't eat that many cookies. :-)

Mr. Wug: Hmmm...Sooooooo how many slices of cheesecake can I eat?!... There isn't any butter in that at all!! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: ...*shaking my head*...dropping it and walking away.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'A Thing Called......' Foot Dancing!!

Mr. Wug: It's been a really relaxing day today, hasn't it?! After my week I needed this!
          Mrs. Wug: You sure did!...And actually I did too.

Mr. Wug: Look how late it is...and we're still up! O_O {12:51 p.m.} After sleeping the day away....I'm wide awake. Wanna do something?!

          Mrs. Wug: Sure!...Like what?!

Mr. Wug: Wanna play Scrabble or something?!

          Mrs. Wug: You know...I'm usually up for a game of Scrabble, but I'm not in the mood for it right now. I'm kinda wanting to listen to music or something....Even better, I know what we can do!!!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: What?!

Mr. Wug: Hey! ^_^ That was fun!! We have to do that more often!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cereal.....With A Side Of Ketchup And Grape Jelly, Please!

Mr. Wug: Okay...we have to talk about it!

          Mrs. Wug: What?! O_O

Mr.Wug: Our eating habits...Especially our breakfast eating habits!

          Mrs. Wug: Okay...O_0

Mr. Wug: Did I hear you say this morning that you wanted fresh corn flakes and sugar pops mixed together for breakfast?! :-/

          Mrs.Wug: Yeah! I haven't had that in a long time!....I don't know why I'm craving it this morning either! O_0  Just, out of the blue, my mind said: "Cereal!"
Mr. Wug: Yeah, but with your issues with milk, I'm surprised!...Although, I must do have some weird cravings every once in a while.

          Mrs. Wug: Well, I don't think there's anything weird about wanting cereal for breakfast. O_O ...What are you talking about.

Mr. Wug: Okay,'re right. It's not some weird thing like if you had to have pickles and ice cream or something,....But every once in a while you'll say: "Oooo! I can really go for....And then that's followed by weird stuff! Like some dark chocolate with nuts dipped in yogurt!" LOL

          Mrs. Wug: What are you talking about?!...I never say that!!!...I don't even eat yogurt!

Mr. Wug: Okay...Okay! That's a bad example. But you know what I you'll say: "I can really go for some pancakes, covered with strawberries, and some whip cream, and some blueberries, and then have it covered with pineapples...with a side of sausages!" LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhh....and what's wrong with that?! LOL That sounds even better than cereal!....Yum!....Now I'm hungry! :-]

Mr. Wug: That's just weird to me!!

          Mrs. Wug: What's weird about it?! In the restaurants they always make you have to choose one fruit to go on your pancakes. Why can't you have more than one...It's fruit!!...And it's good for you!! And the acid in the pineapples can cut some of that pancake batter too! ^_^ What's weird about that?!.....I think putting Ketchup on collard greens is weird!...and you do that!...
         ...In fact, you think Ketchup on anything makes it taste better!...That's weird!


Mr. Wug: That's NOT weird!... It gives it more flavor! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhh...if you know how to cook...which may be what your real issue is! ^_^ don't have to worry about flavor in your food!...especially not in your collard greens!

Mr. Wug: Well, I like 'em that way!...Just like I like my oatmeal, with some eggs and sausage all mixed in together!...That is a perfect bite right there! on 'The Mirror Has Two Faces", when she loaded her spoon with just the right amount of everything so she could have 'the perfect bite'! :-)) ....Or even better, how about some grits, egg, sausage, and a side of bacon with some wheat toast covered with grape jelly...
          .......Oooooo! That's what I call some good eating!! ^_^ Nothing weird with that!

          Mrs. Wug: That's what I call a reason to call the Roto-Rooter man! Ha! Ha!...It's too much!!...And is there nothing that you don't want either ketchup or grape jelly on?!! LOL...If I really just wanted to think about good eating, I would say that good eating for breakfast is a fried pork chop on a fork, grits, cheese and eggs, and home cooked home fries sauteed with onions...YUM!! Oh yeah, and don't forget the coffee!! :-] ...THAT is good eating!!...*mouth watering*...We gotta stop talking like this. I'm getting hungry! LOL

Mr. Wug: ^_^ ...Okay, but just so you know...that's too heavy! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: What?!...Like yours wasn't too heavy?!...You'd need a fork-lift just to eat your breakfast!! :-))

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha!...Yes...too heavy...and it needs some grape jelly!...
         Mrs. Wug: ...About as much as you need another hole in your head!! ^_^
Mr. Wug:......Ha! Ha!....That's alright. The doctor has pills to take to take care of that!...Ha! Ha! 

Mrs. Wug: You think you're soooo funny!...*shaking my head*...I say a bowl of cereal, with some fruit, would be right up your alley, Mr. 'Take-A-Pill-For-It'!!! LOL

Mr. Wug: Yeah...alright. Maybe a bowl of cereal would be good for us this morning.....With some wheat toast covered with grape jelly....and a side of bacon! ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: I give up!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Does 'Groundhog Day' And 'Jane Austen' Have In Common?!

Mr. Wug: What is it with you and these 'Jane Austen movies?! How many times have you seen 'Pride and Prejudice'?!
     Mrs. Wug: What do you mean?!...I thought you liked 'Jane Austen' movies as much as me?!
Mr. Wug: Uhhhh...I do, but every time we go looking for a movie to watch you say 'Ooo Oooo! Pride and Prejudice!' And I'm like 'how many times can you watch a movie?! It's like 'Groundhog Day'!...It don't make no sense! You know what the outcome is gonna be! It's gonna be the same every time!...'Mr. Darty! I hate you!...Mr. Darty...I love you!' Ha! Ha!
     Mrs. Wug: Okayyy..number one...his name is not Mr. DarTY! It's Mr. Dar-CY! :-) ...Number two...You're just upset because I don't wanna watch 'Rocket-man every day!!!! LOL
         ...I mean...just because I'd rather watch 'Sense and Sensibility' instead of some fake guy shooting across the sky with a jet pack on his back!...*Teehee*
Mr. Wug: Number's not 'Rocket-MAN...and it's not some 'fake guy'! It's 'RockeTEER'! :-)) ...Number two...I don't like watching 'that' all the time either. We need a new repetoire.
     Mrs. Wug: Look at you using big words like 'repertoire'!! LOL
Mr. Wug: Well, I didn't learn that from watching 'Pride and Prejudice'...^_^...because they speak in  the king's English!....ANYWAY!!!! We gotta change up.
     Mrs. Wug: I 'do' change up! I don't always watch 'Pride and Prejudice' or 'Jane Austen' movies. I watch a lot of different movies and T.V. shows. I just happen to like the old style movies, especially 'Jane Austen' 'Emma'. I love 'Emma' too...
          ...It just went off a few minutes ago though. I wish I had seen that one from the beginning. Mr. Knightly is almost as debonair as Mr. Darcy! :-]
Mr. Wug: Well, to me they're all the same. They all seem to have the same theme..."I love you, I love you, I love you!"...."I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" Ha! Ha! 
     Mrs. Wug: Whatever!!...You'll watch it if it's on. 
Mr. Wug: That's true...*chuckle*
     Mrs. Wug: Most of the time we like watching the same things anyway. Basketball and football games...
Mr. Wug: ...Tennis.....T.V. shows like 'Parenthood'...
     Mrs. Wug: Oh yeah! We love that show!!...And then there's....Ummm...'Amazing Race', 'Top Chef', 'Cake Boss',...
Mr. Wug: ...Don't forget 'Iron Chef' and game shows like 'Wheel Of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy'...
     Mrs. Wug: Look at that! We do like a lot of the same things!...So why are you complaining about 'Pride and Prejudice' this morning?!
Mr. Wug: Because we see that one over and over again. Every word that comes out you can mouth right along with the characters!
     Mrs. Wug: And what? have a problem with that?! Why is it really bothering you?!....I know what your problem is!'re jealous of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightly! ^_^
Mr. Wug: No, I'm not jealous of them. They're fictional characters...I just wanna watch something every once in a while that I don't know the end of!
     Mrs. Wug: You mean like this conversation?! LOL
Mr. Wug: Yes! ^_^ ...Goodnight Mrs. Wug!
     Mrs. Wug:  :-) Goodnight Mr. Wug. Although... 'I need no longer call you Mr. Wug. Now, I can call you "MY" Mr. Wug!' :-)
 Mr. Wug: *shaking his head*....Oh boy....LOL

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sometimes The Song Says It All!!

       You ever have one of those slow Sunday mornings where you just sit and listen to music and eat your breakfast, and you hear a song that reminds you of your life?...And then you hear a song that reminds you of another part of your life?...and so on...and so on? Well, that was us this morning! And since this is our 'couples''s the best place to share it with you! :-)

 Mr. Wug: Mrs. Wug heard this song (below) and  said it reminded her of me 'back in the day', back when I was trying to 'woo' her. ^_^ I was kinda shy and clumsy back then, and was kinda scared of girls...but she was kinda cute! But the trouble with girls is....^_^...

       Mrs Wug: Awwwww! You can't beat a good country song, can ya?! :-) And by the way, you were kinda cute back then yourself!...That song reminds me of the first time you kissed me on the front porch... ^_^ ...and how we used to go for long rides, and go 'line dancing', and how you had the cutest bow legs I'd ever seen!! :-] That's why I picked 'YOU'!...

Mr. Wug: :-) ...

     Mrs. Wug: It hasn't been perfect, but we've had a pretty good run, haven't we?! :-] I love how a song can say it all!...

Mr. Wug: It's been more than good enough for me! :-)) 

     Mrs. Wug: Awwwwww! I don't know about all of that, but I hope I make home somewhere you wanna come to at the end of the day...even though you do sometimes have a crazy woman waiting for you! LOL

Mr. Wug: Okay...Okay! Let's bring this 'Mush Fest' to an end!

     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ Righto!...One last song that says it all....

         ...We have a 30th anniversary coming up next year. WOW! Good thing we have songs to help us remember! :-)
Mr. Wug: Yeah...and Hallmark! LOL
       Mrs. Wug: :-)) Agreed!...Look at that...a whole post and no controversy!

Mr. Wug: There's always next time! :-))

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are We Getting Too Old To Boogie?!

       Hubby and I are in our 50s now. But being in our 50s hasn't changed who we are...not one bit! When we were younger, let's our teens and 20s...we were adventurous, curious and ambitious about what we could do.
       In our 50s we are....adventurous, curious and ambitious about what we can do! ^_^ Nothing has changed!....Well, something has changed...what has changed is the amount of time the message gets from our brain to other parts of our body as to what we're about to do! LOL

Mr. Wug: Oh Yeah! That's definitely changed! Now I'm starting to need a lot more time to warm up before I get out of bed in the morning...
       Mrs. Wug: Yeah, and we're both starting to make those grunting noises that we used to tease about hearing 'old people' make! LOL

Mr. Wug: Yeah, now we 'are' the 'old people'! LOL
       Mrs. Wug: Maybe...but we're still 'us'! We haven't changed that much...on the inside at least! LOL We're the people...
       ...who are Witnesses of Jehovah, spiritual, serious and living our life with a purpose... :-)
Mr. Wug: Right, and we're the people...
       ...who are fun-loving, realizing that age is just a number!...
       ...We're world travelers, always up for anything! ^_^
       Mrs. Wug: Yeah!!! LOL...
     ...But the question is...are we getting too old for some things?! O_O
Mr. Wug: Like what?!
       Mrs. Wug: we getting too old to watch 'Sesame Street'?...or eat spaghetti with our fingers?!

Mr. Wug: Nahhhh! And we're not getting too old to have 'foot wars' under the covers, or draw stick people and doodle, or to collect rocks either! Ha! Ha!
       Mrs. Wug: Okayyyyy!....I could give you an argument about some of those, but....I won't! ^_^ 

Mr. Wug: Why should we have to act old just because......we have a number of years behind us?!
       Mrs. Wug: Ha! Ha! You were just about to say...just because we're getting 'long in the tooth', weren't you?!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: No!....No! I wasn't gonna say that! That's something an old man would say! LOL Listen....I don't know too many old people who are going on 'virtual' date night trips all over the world every week, and who are spending some of their date nights boogieing!! ^_^ Ha! Ha!
       Mrs. Wug: You know what?!! I think you're finally right!! Ha! Ha!
       Hmmm... in retrospect...maybe we are getting a little 'too' old to boogie! :-]
Mr. Wug: Nahhhhhhh!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A 'Three-Fold' Issue!

     Mrs Wug: What shall we talk about this week?...I know...Laundry! Especially 'folding' of laundry. It's an issue. O_0
Mr. Wug: An issue for who?!
       Mrs. Wug: An issue for 'us'!
Mr. Wug: Okay...the issue is we both fold laundry different ways. You have to be 'prim and proper' and I like to roll it up and stuff it in the drawer! Plain and simple....I'm a simple man. :-)
      Mrs. Wug: I wouldn't be saying that too loud if I was you...about the simple part. LOL But be that as it may, how dare you call my folding methods 'prim and proper'! I prefer to think of it as simply PROPER...period! :-]

Mr. Wug: Whoever heard of folding a washcloth a third one way, a third the other way, and then in half?! It seems like a lot of folding! I want my fellow men bloggers to chime in. I'm sure they would agree that a washcloth should be folded a half one way, and a half again, and you're done! You save a step! :-))
     Mrs. Wug: Okay, let's talk about this from two directions. Number one...a washcloth folded your way is gonna take up more room in the drawer...that is, if you can actually get it 'in' the drawer in the first place! I've got so much stuff in there now......

Mr. Wug: What are you trying to say?!
      Mrs. Wug: I'm trying to say that the 'Stuff and Go' method doesn't work for laundry!! That works for those ridiculously huge sandwiches that you make, but not for laundry!! Laundry in the drawer is not suppose to be in there saying to each other: "Move over!"..."No, you move over!"..."Hey! Get your corner outta my side!"..."Watch out! He's coming! Hold on to the side of the drawer because when he snatches this drawer open we're all gonna fly out!!" LOL

Mr. Wug: What?...Now you got the laundry talking to each other?! ^_^ you're gonna go there!...In that case, my laundry says this: "There's a party going on around here!'..."I wonder whose coming next!"..."This is exciting!'..."Don't you love being in with the crowd!?" ^_^
       Mrs. Wug: Oh Boy!...*shaking my head*...Let's move on!...Number two: When the laundry is folded my way and put on the open shelf in the bathroom where everyone can see it, it looks prettier. It doesn't have open flaps hanging out like yours does. It just has a rounded, neat, pretty look, and the design is sitting just in the right spot!...
     ...You could take pictures for 'Better Homes and Gardens' in my bathroom if they're folded like I fold them!!

Mr. Wug: What?! Did you get a phone call I didn't hear about?! Is 'Better Homes and Gardens coming over here with a photographer?! O_O Should I get out my properly folded apron and put it on and act like Martha Stewart?..."Welcome to our humble abode!" ^_^
      Mrs. Wug: Now you're just being silly. Why would you be wearing an apron?!

Mr. Wug: Why indeed!
       Mrs. Wug: I was saying, you and I are the only two who live in this house, but we do have guests sometimes. What do we want them to think about us...that we're really homeless people, pretending to live inside? And that we have no 'couth'?!...Or that we might be letting our guests use unclean toiletries?...because folded the way you fold them they look like somebody's been rolling them around on the floor, playing with them!...And don't get me started about the way your shirts look when they come out of the drawer!

Mr. Wug: And that's why we got a steam dryer, so that I could just toss them in, press the cycle, and a few minutes later...Wallah!...They come out smooth as ice!
     Mrs. Wug: Smooth as ice, huh?!...Well why do you sometimes look like 'Wrinkle Johnson' when you leave here to go to work!! LOL Apparently putting the shirts through the cycle takes time.....And that brings us right back to where we started. The clothes need to be folded up 'properly', and put in the drawer or hung up 'properly', so that they can be worn, without too much bother, whenever you get ready to put them on!

Mr. Wug:  What can I say...haven't you noticed, the wrinkle look is in!
      Mrs. Wug: Not in this house, it's not!...Take the time and fold the clothes properly please.

Mr. Wug: Okay...a third, a third, and a half. Oh boy!! O_0 Hmmm...maybe I'll get a feature in 'Better Homes and Gardens'! LOL

Saturday, October 22, 2011

You Say Tomato....I Say Tomahto!

     Mr. Wug and I have been married for more than 29 years now, and we were together 4 years before we were married. So, let's just say we've got a lot of years of communicating under our belts! But.......and it's a big BUT!...we have never communicated in the same way!
     Just as a little background, I grew up with tons of siblings,  and we communicated all the time!!!... it wasn't always productive communication! LOL But hubby's growing up household was COMPLETELY different!

     Mrs Wug: "How would you describe your household growing up, Bae?"

Mr. Wug: "It was sorta like living in a house full of acquaintances, nobody saying too much, and every once in a while...when the moon was full...there would be some sort of conjunction with the planets and everybody would be talking and playing games!...But that would last a 'hot second', until someone got either angry or bored!"

     So, needless to say, this contributed to both of us learning different communication skills. And those skills have progressed and changed over the years...When I (Mrs. Wug)  was young I wanted to keep the communication to a minimum. That way there was no chance for me to get in trouble!! So I was sorta like a timid squirrel...
      "Ooooo! I didn't do it! I'm gonna be over here, under the bed. See you later!" :-)) And then later on I became a 'fraidy cat'!...
     I barely wanted to talk at all!!....I know! Hard to believe, isn't it! LOL
       But hubby...was a Mama's boy...
     He was the oldest child in his house, and he didn't need much way of words I mean. All he had to do was 'hint around' dropping his clothes on the floor and walking away (his mom figured out that they needed washing, and she did), or standing in the middle of the kitchen floor when he was hungry (and his mom figured out that he was she would fix him something!).
      Mostly this was because he had asthma and was sick a lot of the time. His mom gave him a lot of special treatment because of it...And he says he thinks his brothers were jealous. Can you hear the crickets?!....There was a lot of quiet in his house! ^_^
      So, you get Mrs. Wug, from a loud 'chattery chattery' household, together with Mr. Wug, from 'low-key central', and what do you get?!...
     You get two little communication turtles, with hard shells, and carrying a lot of baggage...who love each other, but have a little issue with learning how to communicate!
      If the subject matter is sports we are simpatico!... :-)
      (Amigurumi pattern from pepika)
     Mrs. Wug: "Do the Denver Broncos have new uniforms again?!!"

Mr. Wug: "Yeah. They had 'em for a couple of years now!"

     Mrs. Wug: "Are all the teams changing uniforms, because I saw the Green Bay uniforms the other day and they looked like we were back in the 1930s!"

Mr. Wug: "Ha! Ha! Well, I think the leagues are doing throw-back uniforms for special games."

        When it comes to food?...
Yikes...the issues!! Because of my health conditions the last few years, hubby has been the one that does most of the cooking and shopping. Because of his being a pastry-loving, junk and processed food eating nut!, we have had no end of 'conversations'...well, let's call it what it is...fights!...about his eating habits and his lack of wanting to cook anything that might take more time than hitting a microwave button!! ^_^
    Of course he would say: 

Mr. Wug: "I have become a good cook! I learned how to know the exact buttons to push to keep things warm, and I can time it just right between two microwaves. And I know how long it takes to boil an egg...But what I can't figure out is what Mrs. Wug wants for lunch!...All I hear is 'This don't taste right!...Did you put 'so-and-so' in it?!...It don't taste like it!' LOL"

     Mrs. Wug: "WHATEVER!!!!" ^_^

     But when there are serious issues that have to be talked about, this is where the communication between us really gets tested! I (Mrs. Wug) am a 'Black Bear communicator'!
       (Black Bear by Puzzimals)
I stand my ground. I can be aggressive when I think I'm right. And I'm very, very wordy!!...Hubby is a 'turtle communicator'!...
        (Sea Turtle by HamjArt)
      When a subject is on the table he usually is in 'defensive, protect-your-outer-shell' mode! I do all of the talking....wait for the response that never comes (it's tucked in there somewhere, inside the shell! LOL)...wait some more....and then when I say just the wrong thing......'SNAPPING TURTLE' pops his head out, says a few lines, and then retreats again!.....UGH!
        You don't know how many 'conversations' we have had over the years about these very kinds of 'conversations'!!!...In fact, because my style of communication is to talk....and then to talk some more, and if that doesn't talk a lot more and a lot faster...hubby's communication style has many different facets too!
       He listens for a while and then starts yawning...
....I think this is a learned response from his 'hinting abilities' as a child! LOL Of course he would say:

Mr. Wug: "I is a learned behavior. And with all of the wordiness I just want it to STOP!! I prefer conversation like a blitz in football...quick and fast! Say what the problem is, express your feelings, acknowledge it, say I understand or apologize, and then it's over with!"

     Mrs. Wug: "Yeah! And if any of those responses...acknowledgement, expression of feelings, or apologies...actually happened, I wouldn't be talking so much...or for so long!...with crickets in the room every time I stopped talking!! LOL"

      But if the hint of yawning doesn't work, hubby also has another tactic...
         (Bear wood by Puzzimals)
...Complete silence!! He waits until all talk stops...or he says something that totally distracts the conversation... "Look! A bird!"...Then he wanders off to another room and emerges, usually, with food! ^_^ How we even still talk to each other is a mystery!! LOL
      But, even saying all of this, these times of lack of, or no, communication is rare! Most of the time we're talking. And talking about everything!!
      We've done this since we were dating. :-)

     Mrs. Wug: "Do you remember when we were dating? How we used to call each other and talk for hours?! We even fell a sleep a few times, and woke up the next morning yelling into the phone to wake the other one up?! LOL"

Mr. Wug: "Yeah, we were silly back then. :-] But we really opened up to each other, didn't we?!"

     Mrs. Wug: "We sure did. :-)"

Mr. Wug: " I remember us just sitting in front of the house in the car, talking about stuff...Going for rides in the car, talking about stuff...Breaking up and then getting back together, and talking about stuff! ^_^"

     Mrs. Wug: "Yeah, I remember a certain multiple choice gift I got one year around Christmas...back when we used to celebrate Christmas! I couldn't believe that when I was thinking this was the year I would get an engagement ring, I ended up having to choose which gift I would get, and ended up with the same gift that you gave my sister!...I was so hurt!!"

Mr. Wug: "Yeah, I remember that. :-( I really didn't want to show my feelings back then because I wasn't SURE of yours."

     Mrs. Wug: "Yeah, I know...But I think you were just not a very good gift giver back then... ^_^ Oh! The things I have gotten!!! Ha! Ha!...Besides nice gifts like chocolates and a beautiful etched jewelry box I mean. I've gotten an electric fingernail dryer, a huge 4-foot blue 'Smurf', and a silk rose from '7-Eleven' for an anniversary gift!!!"

Mr. Wug: "Ummmmm...I don't wanna talk about that!" LOL

  (Let's call the whole thing off...Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)

Friday, October 14, 2011


       Hello Everybody!!...*both of us waving*...We're back!!! ^_^ And have we got a subject today!! Do any of you have nicknames?...

     Mrs. Wug: Do you like your nicknames I've given you over the years?

Mr. Wug: Yeah, some I do. Others I don' 'Boo-Stinky' or 'Booger'.  Why would you call somebody a mucus slimy clot? I'm NOT a mucus slimy clot!! :-]

     Mrs. Wug: Ha! Ha! Ha! Okay...I can understand why you're not that crazy about those. But I've given you a lot of cute names over the years too!...Like 'Squeaky'. :-) Do you remember why I called you that?!

Mr. Wug: Yeah, I remember. It's because when we were dating I took baths...LOL...and I used to put on my sexy cologne. So I smelled good!...
     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ I do remember that you used to smell really good...But...Uhhh...I didn't remember that in connection with your nickname. I didn't remember WHY I was calling you 'Squeaky'. It just was something that stuck! :-))

Mr. Wug:...But I have to be honest with you. I first thought you were calling me 'Squeaky' because I used to wear 'sneakers' all the time and they used to squeak on the floor.

     Mrs. Wug:  Ha! Ha! uhhhh...NO!

Mr. Wug: Did you like any of the nicknames I gave you?!

     Mrs. Wug: I liked ALL of the nicknames you gave me! My favorite is 'Puddles' :-) ...
         ...And I remember how I got that name too!

Mr. Wug: Yeah, I gave you that name because when we would be watching a movie or something, you would cry at the drop of a hat! I said 'Boy! You're forming a lot of puddles'!

     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ Yep! That's my claim to fame! ^_^ ...and my name!... :-) ...But I also like the other names you call me. 'Honey', 'Dear', and my all time favorite...'Bae' (shortened form of 'baby')! ...Well, that's not just 'my' name. That's the name we call each other!

Mr. Wug: Yes, and I like it when our friends come over and tease us about it too..."Bae, would you like some tea?!" LOL

     Mrs. Wug: ^_^ Yeah....It also makes me think of Otis Redding's song "Sittin' on the dock of the BAY"...LOL...That's a different kind of 'Bae' though! ^_^ But you 'do' look like Otis Redding! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: I like the nickname 'Wug'...Thank you 'Baby Wuglyee'!  :-) ...And I like that you're called by that name now too! But we both had some 'not-so-nice' childhood nicknames too! YIKES! I'm glad nobody's calling us them! LOL

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha! I remember as a kid they used to call me 'Old Man'!...
       ...I never understood it. But they said it was because I looked like an old man...and I was only 14 years old!

     Mrs. Wug: Well, 'Dear' might have something to do with the way your mother used to dress you when you were a kid! LOL I mean...not many elementary school kids were wearing men's dress shirts buttoned up to the neck! Ha! Ha!

Mr. Wug: Now you know 'you not right'!! Ha! Ha! Ha...Kids used to call you names too! I called you 'Puddles' because you used to cry a lot, but the kids called you something else because you couldn't hold your water! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: Ohhhhh, we going there?! We going THERE?!!! LOL

 Mr. Wug: You started it!! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: That's alright! I'm owning the 'P-- Pot'!! LOL
       ...and just for the record, I don't have any issues now!

Mr. Wug: Okayyyyy...if you say so!! LOL

     Mrs. Wug: LOL....Okay, let's just move on....'Mr. Wrapper'!...
          ....Ha! Ha! Well, maybe that's not fair, because I don't actually call you 'Mr. Wrapper' to your face. That's what I call you when I'm talking 'about' you and your propensity to wrap me up like an octopus at night when I'm trying to sleep! ^_^

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha! Okay, I accept that, but I can't wrap you up for too long anymore because you say you're getting too hot!...Or you put the 'Cold Foot of Death' on me!! LOL When that thing hits me, it takes my breath, sorta like when you go outside and that first cold blast of air hits you in the face! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: LOL No comment!!!

Mr. Wug: Hey...I got a new nickname for you...

     Mrs. Wug: Yeah?!

Mr. Wug:  Yeah...'Wug the Bloggie'!.......No! I'll call you 'The Blogmeister'!! ^_^

     Mrs. Wug: Sounds like something I could grow into. :-]

Mr. Wug: Or how about 'The Blog-a-rama'!!

     Mrs. Wug: Okay...You're just getting ridiculous now! 

     Do any of you have nicknames?! Do you like 'em?!...See you next week!