Sunday, December 25, 2011

'To Be....Butter, Or Not To Be....Butter'!

Mr. Wug: What difference does it make if I use margarine or butter in your cookie recipe?! I'm using butter. Will the cookies come out flatter or fluffier or cake-ier?!

          Mrs. Wug: Actually, it doesn't really matter which one you use...I don't think. I just never used the margarine that the recipe called for.

Mr. Wug: Really? So you 'always' used butter, even though you saw that the recipe called for margarine?

          Mrs. Wug: Yeah, I think that if there's a choice between the 'real stuff', versus the 'fake stuff'....'real stuff' should win! LOL Besides, I like my cookies tasting rich, and a little bit crispier. The butter makes them a little bit crispier...But you go ahead and put the margarine in there like the recipe called for. Your cookies will come out nice and round and perfect..just like you like them! :-)
          (Peanut Butter Cookies by KEcookies)
Mr. Wug: Well.......I don't have no margarine.

          Mrs. Wug: So what were you gonna do if I said put margarine in it?!

Mr. Wug: I guess I would say...I don't have any margarine. I have butter, so I'm just gonna use butter!...especially if you say it tastes better!....I asked because I saw you had margarine scratched out, and butter inserted, on the recipe. I didn't know if it would make a difference.

          Mrs. Wug: Well, I can tell you...butter ALWAYS makes a difference!...Of course there is the down side.

Mr. Wug: What's that? O_O

          Mrs. Wug: Margarine goes into your body like a tourist. It wanders around here and there, looks around, and leaves...without spending too much money on gifts. :-)) ...Butter goes into your body, finds your major arteries, grabs them by the teeth like a junkyard dog, growls and gnaws at them...until you're dead! LOL

Mr. Wug: Well, I don't want it to go that far!... O_O ...I want the butter to just growl at my arteries, shake 'em around a while, slob on 'em, and drop 'em, and walk away. LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Well, forget about the margarine...BUTTER it is!!...but maybe what you can do is just don't eat that many cookies. :-)

Mr. Wug: Hmmm...Sooooooo how many slices of cheesecake can I eat?!... There isn't any butter in that at all!! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: ...*shaking my head*...dropping it and walking away.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'A Thing Called......' Foot Dancing!!

Mr. Wug: It's been a really relaxing day today, hasn't it?! After my week I needed this!
          Mrs. Wug: You sure did!...And actually I did too.

Mr. Wug: Look how late it is...and we're still up! O_O {12:51 p.m.} After sleeping the day away....I'm wide awake. Wanna do something?!

          Mrs. Wug: Sure!...Like what?!

Mr. Wug: Wanna play Scrabble or something?!

          Mrs. Wug: You know...I'm usually up for a game of Scrabble, but I'm not in the mood for it right now. I'm kinda wanting to listen to music or something....Even better, I know what we can do!!!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: What?!

Mr. Wug: Hey! ^_^ That was fun!! We have to do that more often!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cereal.....With A Side Of Ketchup And Grape Jelly, Please!

Mr. Wug: Okay...we have to talk about it!

          Mrs. Wug: What?! O_O

Mr.Wug: Our eating habits...Especially our breakfast eating habits!

          Mrs. Wug: Okay...O_0

Mr. Wug: Did I hear you say this morning that you wanted fresh corn flakes and sugar pops mixed together for breakfast?! :-/

          Mrs.Wug: Yeah! I haven't had that in a long time!....I don't know why I'm craving it this morning either! O_0  Just, out of the blue, my mind said: "Cereal!"
Mr. Wug: Yeah, but with your issues with milk, I'm surprised!...Although, I must do have some weird cravings every once in a while.

          Mrs. Wug: Well, I don't think there's anything weird about wanting cereal for breakfast. O_O ...What are you talking about.

Mr. Wug: Okay,'re right. It's not some weird thing like if you had to have pickles and ice cream or something,....But every once in a while you'll say: "Oooo! I can really go for....And then that's followed by weird stuff! Like some dark chocolate with nuts dipped in yogurt!" LOL

          Mrs. Wug: What are you talking about?!...I never say that!!!...I don't even eat yogurt!

Mr. Wug: Okay...Okay! That's a bad example. But you know what I you'll say: "I can really go for some pancakes, covered with strawberries, and some whip cream, and some blueberries, and then have it covered with pineapples...with a side of sausages!" LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhh....and what's wrong with that?! LOL That sounds even better than cereal!....Yum!....Now I'm hungry! :-]

Mr. Wug: That's just weird to me!!

          Mrs. Wug: What's weird about it?! In the restaurants they always make you have to choose one fruit to go on your pancakes. Why can't you have more than one...It's fruit!!...And it's good for you!! And the acid in the pineapples can cut some of that pancake batter too! ^_^ What's weird about that?!.....I think putting Ketchup on collard greens is weird!...and you do that!...
         ...In fact, you think Ketchup on anything makes it taste better!...That's weird!


Mr. Wug: That's NOT weird!... It gives it more flavor! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhh...if you know how to cook...which may be what your real issue is! ^_^ don't have to worry about flavor in your food!...especially not in your collard greens!

Mr. Wug: Well, I like 'em that way!...Just like I like my oatmeal, with some eggs and sausage all mixed in together!...That is a perfect bite right there! on 'The Mirror Has Two Faces", when she loaded her spoon with just the right amount of everything so she could have 'the perfect bite'! :-)) ....Or even better, how about some grits, egg, sausage, and a side of bacon with some wheat toast covered with grape jelly...
          .......Oooooo! That's what I call some good eating!! ^_^ Nothing weird with that!

          Mrs. Wug: That's what I call a reason to call the Roto-Rooter man! Ha! Ha!...It's too much!!...And is there nothing that you don't want either ketchup or grape jelly on?!! LOL...If I really just wanted to think about good eating, I would say that good eating for breakfast is a fried pork chop on a fork, grits, cheese and eggs, and home cooked home fries sauteed with onions...YUM!! Oh yeah, and don't forget the coffee!! :-] ...THAT is good eating!!...*mouth watering*...We gotta stop talking like this. I'm getting hungry! LOL

Mr. Wug: ^_^ ...Okay, but just so you know...that's too heavy! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: What?!...Like yours wasn't too heavy?!...You'd need a fork-lift just to eat your breakfast!! :-))

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha!...Yes...too heavy...and it needs some grape jelly!...
         Mrs. Wug: ...About as much as you need another hole in your head!! ^_^
Mr. Wug:......Ha! Ha!....That's alright. The doctor has pills to take to take care of that!...Ha! Ha! 

Mrs. Wug: You think you're soooo funny!...*shaking my head*...I say a bowl of cereal, with some fruit, would be right up your alley, Mr. 'Take-A-Pill-For-It'!!! LOL

Mr. Wug: Yeah...alright. Maybe a bowl of cereal would be good for us this morning.....With some wheat toast covered with grape jelly....and a side of bacon! ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: I give up!!