Saturday, February 4, 2012

Okay....Let's Talk Football Food!!

      Mrs. Wug: You know...I was looking around on the Etsy site and I'm just amazed at how quick...and creative...people are! The big game...the Super Bowl, Baby! ^_^ on this Sunday, and you should see the things people have been selling! I wish I had been that savvy weeks ago in preparation for the game!....Me....I've just been waiting to eat Super Bowl food!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: You're not the only one! That's all everybody at my job is talking Super Bowl food!...One guy is actually looking forward to having him a 'turducken'! Ha! Ha!
        Mrs. Wug: What in the world is a 'turducken'?! O_0

Mr. Wug: Well, he said it's a boneless turkey that's stuffed with boneless duck, and then the boneless duck is stuffed with chicken! ^_^ He said it was good, but I laughed because I didn't think there was any such thing!

       Mrs. Wug: What????!!!!!!!.....Okay, I gotta go and see if Wikipedia has any info on this....I think he was pulling your leg!

{After a Google search......}

      Mrs. Wug: Guess what?!....There really is such a thing as a turducken!!!!!! ^_^ Wikipedia even had a picture of one!! Look at this...
             ...And your guy's description was just about on the money too. Wikipedia says that a "Turducken is a dish consisting of a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed into a de-boned turkey. The word turducken is a portmanteau {a blend of two or more words into one new word} of turkey, duck, and chicken or hen. The dish is a form of engastration,  a recipe method in which one animal is stuffed inside the gastric passage of another."...WOW! I can't believe I lived fifty plus years without ever hearing about a turducken!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: And I wouldn't believe it either...if I didn't see it!! ^_^

        Mrs. Wug: And even so, I'm not having turducken for the Super Bowl...just so you know!!!! Ha! Ha! 

Mr. Wug: Yeah, I hear you! ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: That reminds me, we haven't decided what we ARE having Sunday, for the! ...I know one thing that's definitely gonna be on the wings!! :-) And I don't mean chicken wings that are doused in some kind of sauce either! I'm talking about spicy seasonings on regular...non-gooey...chicken wings!!...

         ....I don't want stuff on my hands while I'm rooting for my New England Patriots! :-]

 Mr. Wug: I think they should be drowned in sauce! ^_^

        Mrs. Wug: Okay....drown yours!

Mr. Wug: ^_^ I will!...And you can just follow my trail of drippy barbecue sauce and bleu cheese and celery dip! LOL...

         .....I'll be in my corner, eating away like a hungry dog! And don't bother me. I might growl at ya!! LOL

        Mrs. Wug: Fine!...I'll be in my corner with a veggie dip, some sea salt and vinegar chips, and bell and other peppers of all kinds and colors....

         ....and maybe some pizza...

         ......and a cupcake or two! :-)

 Mr. Wug: Make sure you get some Cheetos too!...And are we making Chili this year?!

       Mrs. Wug: Hold up!....How many people are coming over here for the game?! O_O

Mr. Wug: Nobody!'s just you and me! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhhh....Well, considering the kind of food we're planning here, maybe we better be watching for the ambulance coming through the living room, instead of touchdown after touchdown by Tom Brady! ^_^...because you know those touchdowns are gonna be a turducken with all those wings!! Ha! Ha! Ha!  

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha!....Whatever!


  1. Those football time foods look good.

  2. ha,ha,ha,ha,....LOL~ I LOVED THE PLAY BY PLAY!!
    I'm visiting you from Chris at Retired and Loving It. She suggested a visit, so I decided I would. LOVED IT!
    Here's to your health!

    1. Hi Brenda! :-) Welcome!! And thank you for stopping by with such a nice comment! I hope we don't bore you to death around here! LOL

  3. I'm sorry.....It was Miss Bee from BeeHappy, that mentioned your name. Oh, well. I'm getting my blogs messed up...LOL.
    Have a great day!!

    1. Ohhhhh! Yes! I love Bee! :-) And no worries! If you hang around long enough you'll see us all mixed and messed up from time to time too! ^_^ Have a good day!!

  4. Hi Girlfriend-- I don't need to ask if you had a great Super Bowl day--- your food looks fabulous. I don't watch football- but I sure would not turn down a chance to be at a party with food this great!!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me-- you know it means so much to me to have your visit!


    1. Hi Vicki!...Yes we did have a good time!...even though our team lost in a close game! Boooooooo! Ha! Ha! You know how it is though, sometimes it's just about who you're with! :-)...By the way, I enjoy your blog...especially those gorgeous photos of yours! And the last one was fun because I learned some new things about you! :-) Have a good rest of the day!

  5. Hi...thanks for popping by
    Nice to meet you, I'm a bit addicted to crochet and flowers lol
    So lots of hooky time seems to end up as flowery projects
    Hugs Sue x

    1. It was nice to visit! :-) Especially to meet a fellow addicted flower crochet girl! ^_^ You can't beat a good crochet flower I always say!...Thanks for the follow I'll be doing the same for you from now on too!

  6. So nice to meet you! I am looking forward to being your newest follower
    Have a great weekend

    1. Hi Maggie!...It's nice to meet you too! ^_^ I hope we don't bore you to death with our silliness!...And YOU have a good weekend too!


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