Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is That Suppose To Be A "High-Five"?!

          Mrs. Wug: O-U-C-H!!!!!

Mr. Wug: O_O ... Whattttt?!

          Mrs. Wug: Is that suppose to be a 'high 5'?!!!!

Mr. Wug: What are you talking about?!...Yes!...Let's do it again!

    ****Mr. and Mrs. Wug both went up with their arms in the air at the same time, but Mr. Wug went 'straight-arm' into a high 5!!****

          Mrs. Wug: OUCH!!!...There you go again!!!...You are the worse 'high 5-er' in the world!!!

Mr.Wug: ^_^ Everybody says that...^_^ As soon as they say 'high 5'!...and I do it...they say: "Nah, man! You're not suppose to do it like that!!" LOL 

          Mrs. Wug: That's because you're coming in to fast!!

Mr. Wug: What do you mean?! You're suppose to come in fast! It's suppose to be a smack....exciting!!... :-)) ...like this...*Another damaging high 5...then another......and another!*

          Mrs. Wug: Okay...enough!! I don't think getting whacked on the boney part of the hand, or smacked in the head by a big fella like yourself, is all that exciting!!...OUCH! LOL

Mr. Wug: Heyyyyy! What are you trying to say?!!! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhhhhh.....nothing!.... ^_^ ...except you really need to learn how to do a 'high 5'...before you hurt somebody, namely me! LOL Although I think our 'high 5-ing' days are OVER!!!! LOL

Mr. Wug: Nahhhhh! Come on! Just show me how to do it! O_O I mean...if dogs can 'high 5', I can too!! ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: Alright....but you keep all that 'excitement' over there until I tell you how, okay?!! LOL

Mr. Wug: ^_^ Ohhhhh! You got jokes!!!...Ha! Ha!

          Mrs. Wug: Okay, let's pretend Andy Murray just hit the winning shot at the U.S. Open....

Mr. Wug: Pretend?! O_O He did hit the winning shot! WOW! Now that was exciting! The papers in England......

          Mrs. Wug: HELLO!!!!!....High 5 lesson going on here!! LOL

Mr. Wug: ^_^ Sorry about that. I got a little EXCITED!! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Yeah....that's what I'm afraid of!!!! ^_^ ... Anyway, as I was saying!...Andy Murray just hit the winning shot. Then you and I scream...

Mr. Wug: O_O Scream?!...

          Mrs. Wug: Shushy!!!!! Grrrr!

Mr. Wug: *smiling*...Sorry!

          Mrs. Wug: This is exactly why one of your 'beat up' friends didn't try to teach you the 'high 5'!!! LOL...Okay, so both of us come in for the 'high 5', sorta like...boop....boop......BAM!....The first boop is when both of us face each other with our elbows bent....The second boop is when our bent elbows both come toward each other to a set spot close enough to reach each other, still bent...And the third BAM! is the hand smack.....of excitement, as you say.

Mr. Wug: Ohhhhhhh! I got it! That second boop is like a pause before the hand smack!!...Boop....BOOP!....BAM! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: Righttttt!!

Mr. Wug: Okay...let me try it!

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhhhh....let's wait until something exciting happens...LOL....like the Rams winning the Superbowl....or you getting a cooking certificate from the Cordon bleu! ^_^

Mr. Wug: Great!....High 5!!! :-)

(Custom Chef Hat by Key2Life)

Mr. Wug: Hey!! O_O Wait a minute!...The Rams winning the Superbowl?!!

          Mrs. Wug: ^_^


  1. LOL ok sorry I had to laugh because I was thinking it's a good thing its a high 5 and not the chest to chest meeting he might have had to call 911. You two are just to funny. Have a great evening. Hugs, Velma

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha! We are both hollering laughing!! ^_^ Oh Noooo! There will be no chest bumps around here! We're a couple of well fed 'fatty fatties'!! LOL 'High Fives' and pats on the back is how we roll! ^_^

  2. Honey I was not prepared to laugh this hard when I came by tonight. haha
    Funny post and who would think it would be that hard but I can't do it right either.
    Enjoyed visiting with you tonight. Glad I dropped by.
    Take care

    1. Ha! Ha! Well, you'll be happy to know, Grandma Yellow Hair, that he's an almost expert high-fiver now!! ^_^ I still get a little scared when something happens, but he hasn't let me down one time lately!! LOL

  3. Ha ha! I had to stop watching football games with my nephew because his high 5's are deadly! (and plus I prefer hockey) :)

    1. Ha! Ha!...I know the feeling!!! ^_^ Many a game I had to act like I didn't see a particular play, just because I knew the high five was coming!! LOL...Thankfully though, you can 'teach an old dog a new trick'!! ^_^


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