Friday, July 13, 2012

What Is That?...A Chipmunk Swan Song?!

Jeff: Hey Deb, I think our friend, the chipmunk, has met his doom! I see him in the shed off the patio! O_O Our neighbor might've poisoned him for bothering her tomato plants!!

          Deb: Nooooo! Really?!...I guess the poor little guy wore out his welcome finally, huh?! I feel bad for him. :-( He was a cute little thing...Are you gonna remove him from the shed....Please?!!!

Jeff: Yes I will...I'll have to call his family too. You know...Alvin and the Chipmunks! :-)) Maybe they'll give him a good 'sing-off'!! LOL

          Deb: You're a crazy man! LOL...Alvin & the Chipmunks!...*shaking my head*...While we're at it, why don't we invite Alvin and his buddies to our anniversary party! ^_^ 

Jeff:  Heyyyy! That's a good idea! ^_^ I'll ask them to sing our song..."Always and Forever. :-))

          Deb: Number one...that's NOT our song anymore!...*shaking my head*...Don't you remember? We changed to the Clint Black song a few years ago..."Something that we do"...And secondly, don't let me show Alvin and them the video you did, back when we had our family talent show, of YOU singing 'Always and Forever'! They might not come!! LOL....Oooo! It was bad!! ^_^

Jeff: Whattttt!!!...I thought I sung that well!

          Deb: Really?! O_O ....Somebody needs a reality check! ^_^

Jeff:'re right! I 'do' need to get a 'ROYALTY' check! LOL


          (One hour later)

Jeff: Hey Deb...that wasn't the chipmunk!...It was a big mouse...So our friend, the chipmunk, is still around.

          Deb: Well, that's good...Where did the mouse come from?! O_O 

Jeff: I don't know. But I tossed him into the woods. He was stiff as a board...I used the dustpan to pick him up.

          Deb: Ewwwwwww!...My dustpan?!...Well, I know one thing you better be buying me for our anniversary!!

Jeff: Yea, okay...I can afford a dustpan. It's not as expensive as paying for dinner :-) I'm only offering dinner to foxes. That's who I saw just wander into the woods and eat the mouse! ^_^

          Deb: Ewwwwwwwwww! O_O

Jeff: :-) ...Wanna here me sing now?!


  1. Thank God that was not a chipmunk, I love them. I think I have 2 living in my backyard.

    Have a very nice summer Sunday my dear.

    1. Ha! Ha! Hubby felt the same way! He was glad it wasn't the chipmunk too...but we haven't seen him around for quite a while, soooooo... O_O We're gonna choose to believe that he met a Mrs. Chipmunk and moved to live more centrally located to her! LOL...YOU have a good rest of the weekend too!


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