Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Would You Say If You Were This Dog?!

Mr. Wug: Hey Bae, did you see that commercial?!

          Mrs. Wug: What commercial?!  O_O

Mr. Wug: That IAMS dog food commercial with the great dane!

          Mrs. Wug: Yeah!! I saw it! ^_^ That's such a cute commercial.....Poor dog! :-))

Mr. Wug: I wonder what the dog is thinking while he's being all nice and calm. ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: I know what I would be saying if I was that dog!! LOL

Mr. Wug: What?!

          Mrs. Wug: "She gonna love me to death!...I'm gonna die with a bow on my head and wearing pink toenails!!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha!....Nooo! I know what he would be saying: "I can't let Ralphie see me like this! He'll laugh me out of the club!!" Ha! Ha! Ha! 

          Mrs. Wug: It makes you almost glad you're not a dog, right?!... ^_^ ...Hey honey, that reminds me...can you paint my toenails for me?!

Mr. Wug: Woof!!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mr. Telephone Man!

Mr. Wug: Have you seen my phone?!

          Mrs. Wug: Not again!! O_O

Mr. Wug: I put it down the other day to do something...and now I can't find it!! O_O

          Mrs. Wug: Ugh!!! I'm so tired of you always looking for that phone!! Why don't you put it in the same place every time you come in the house?!...We used to have the little wooden thing in the kitchen where you left your keys. Why don't you put your phone there?! Ugh!!

Mr. Wug: Because it's near the stove! I'm afraid it'll melt!

          Mrs. Wug: If only we could be so fortunate as to have it melt!! LOL

Mr. Wug: I know you'd like that!! :-] But then how are you gonna call me when you need me?!...Besides, whenever I'm sitting somewhere I like to play games on it.

          Mrs. Wug: Games?!...IT'S A PHONE!...not a game boy!!!

Mr. Wug: Ha! Ha! Ha!...You're so funny!....Just help me find the phone...PLEASE!

          Mrs. Wug: Did you try calling it?!

Mr. Wug: No...because I think I turned it off.

          Mrs. Wug: Yeah, but even if it's turned off it still makes noise, doesn't it?! I mean, when it's on buzzer it moves all around on the table until it flings itself off onto the floor! ^_^ Try calling it....and see if it falls onto the floor somewhere! ^_^

Mr. Wug: Okayyyy...but I don't think it's gonna work!...*dials the cell phone*...

          Mrs. Wug: I think I hear something in the other room?! Check the other bedroom.

*Mr. Wug walks around in the other bedroom and then comes out*

Mr. Wug: Dial it again! I think I heard it. It's not in the other bedroom though. I think it's in the living room somewhere.

*Mrs. Wug dials the cell phone again while hubby walks stalkingly from room to room*

Mr. Wug: Dial it again!!

          Mrs. Wug: Ugh!!...*dials again*...This is so annoying!!!!

Mr. Wug: YAY! I found it!! :-) ...*Big smile on his face*

          Mrs. Wug: Finally!...And by the way, why don't you have it on ring anyway! That would save both of us a lot of time!! I could be crocheting now, instead of thinking of ways to destroy telephones!!

Mr. Wug: I don't have it on 'ring' because one of my 'pet peeves' is phones going off and ringing in public places where it should be off!!

         Mrs. Wug: Yeah....well, one of "MY" pet peeves is calling you to have you bring something home that I forgot, and you not answering your phone!!!!...So what are we gonna do about this?! O_O

Mr. Wug: Fine! I'll put it on 'ring' from now on...*He plays with the settings until some funky music starts playing*...There you go!

          Mrs. Wug: What do you mean 'There you go'?! Is that the phone?! O_O

Mr. Wug: Yeah!

          Mr. Wug: Why does it sound like the radio?! O_O

Mr. Wug: Isn't that cool?!

          Mrs. Wug: Cool?!....No!! A phone is suppose to sound like A PHONE!! I mean, how many people would hear that music and think: "Hey! Your phone's ringing!".....NOBODY!! It sounds like a funky dance party or something! LOL...What is it with phone companies anyway! Why do they put all of these ring tones and stuff on the phone? people can set their phones up to NOT sound like a phone?!! What ever happened to the simple sound of a phone ringing?!!!

Mr. Wug: That's the attraction of a make it sound like something other than a phone! ^_^ But if it's a simple ring that you want...*he plays with the settings again*...There you go. Dial it now!

*Mrs. Wug dials the cell phone AGAIN!!*...

           Mrs. Wug: Ahhhhhh! NOW it sounds like a phone! :-) ... So, when you hear the ringing, pick it up, will Ya! Your wife may be on the line! ^_^

Mr. Wug: That's 'if' I remember to take it with me. ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: UGH!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Is That Suppose To Be A "High-Five"?!

          Mrs. Wug: O-U-C-H!!!!!

Mr. Wug: O_O ... Whattttt?!

          Mrs. Wug: Is that suppose to be a 'high 5'?!!!!

Mr. Wug: What are you talking about?!...Yes!...Let's do it again!

    ****Mr. and Mrs. Wug both went up with their arms in the air at the same time, but Mr. Wug went 'straight-arm' into a high 5!!****

          Mrs. Wug: OUCH!!!...There you go again!!!...You are the worse 'high 5-er' in the world!!!

Mr.Wug: ^_^ Everybody says that...^_^ As soon as they say 'high 5'!...and I do it...they say: "Nah, man! You're not suppose to do it like that!!" LOL 

          Mrs. Wug: That's because you're coming in to fast!!

Mr. Wug: What do you mean?! You're suppose to come in fast! It's suppose to be a smack....exciting!!... :-)) this...*Another damaging high 5...then another......and another!*

          Mrs. Wug: Okay...enough!! I don't think getting whacked on the boney part of the hand, or smacked in the head by a big fella like yourself, is all that exciting!!...OUCH! LOL

Mr. Wug: Heyyyyy! What are you trying to say?!!! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhhhhh.....nothing!.... ^_^ ...except you really need to learn how to do a 'high 5'...before you hurt somebody, namely me! LOL Although I think our 'high 5-ing' days are OVER!!!! LOL

Mr. Wug: Nahhhhh! Come on! Just show me how to do it! O_O I mean...if dogs can 'high 5', I can too!! ^_^

          Mrs. Wug: Alright....but you keep all that 'excitement' over there until I tell you how, okay?!! LOL

Mr. Wug: ^_^ Ohhhhh! You got jokes!!!...Ha! Ha!

          Mrs. Wug: Okay, let's pretend Andy Murray just hit the winning shot at the U.S. Open....

Mr. Wug: Pretend?! O_O He did hit the winning shot! WOW! Now that was exciting! The papers in England......

          Mrs. Wug: HELLO!!!!!....High 5 lesson going on here!! LOL

Mr. Wug: ^_^ Sorry about that. I got a little EXCITED!! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: Yeah....that's what I'm afraid of!!!! ^_^ ... Anyway, as I was saying!...Andy Murray just hit the winning shot. Then you and I scream...

Mr. Wug: O_O Scream?!...

          Mrs. Wug: Shushy!!!!! Grrrr!

Mr. Wug: *smiling*...Sorry!

          Mrs. Wug: This is exactly why one of your 'beat up' friends didn't try to teach you the 'high 5'!!! LOL...Okay, so both of us come in for the 'high 5', sorta like...boop....boop......BAM!....The first boop is when both of us face each other with our elbows bent....The second boop is when our bent elbows both come toward each other to a set spot close enough to reach each other, still bent...And the third BAM! is the hand smack.....of excitement, as you say.

Mr. Wug: Ohhhhhhh! I got it! That second boop is like a pause before the hand smack!!...Boop....BOOP!....BAM! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: Righttttt!!

Mr. Wug: Okay...let me try it!

          Mrs. Wug: Uhhhhh....let's wait until something exciting the Rams winning the Superbowl....or you getting a cooking certificate from the Cordon bleu! ^_^

Mr. Wug: Great!....High 5!!! :-)

(Custom Chef Hat by Key2Life)

Mr. Wug: Hey!! O_O Wait a minute!...The Rams winning the Superbowl?!!

          Mrs. Wug: ^_^

Friday, July 13, 2012

What Is That?...A Chipmunk Swan Song?!

Jeff: Hey Deb, I think our friend, the chipmunk, has met his doom! I see him in the shed off the patio! O_O Our neighbor might've poisoned him for bothering her tomato plants!!

          Deb: Nooooo! Really?!...I guess the poor little guy wore out his welcome finally, huh?! I feel bad for him. :-( He was a cute little thing...Are you gonna remove him from the shed....Please?!!!

Jeff: Yes I will...I'll have to call his family too. You know...Alvin and the Chipmunks! :-)) Maybe they'll give him a good 'sing-off'!! LOL

          Deb: You're a crazy man! LOL...Alvin & the Chipmunks!...*shaking my head*...While we're at it, why don't we invite Alvin and his buddies to our anniversary party! ^_^ 

Jeff:  Heyyyy! That's a good idea! ^_^ I'll ask them to sing our song..."Always and Forever. :-))

          Deb: Number one...that's NOT our song anymore!...*shaking my head*...Don't you remember? We changed to the Clint Black song a few years ago..."Something that we do"...And secondly, don't let me show Alvin and them the video you did, back when we had our family talent show, of YOU singing 'Always and Forever'! They might not come!! LOL....Oooo! It was bad!! ^_^

Jeff: Whattttt!!!...I thought I sung that well!

          Deb: Really?! O_O ....Somebody needs a reality check! ^_^

Jeff:'re right! I 'do' need to get a 'ROYALTY' check! LOL


          (One hour later)

Jeff: Hey Deb...that wasn't the chipmunk!...It was a big mouse...So our friend, the chipmunk, is still around.

          Deb: Well, that's good...Where did the mouse come from?! O_O 

Jeff: I don't know. But I tossed him into the woods. He was stiff as a board...I used the dustpan to pick him up.

          Deb: Ewwwwwww!...My dustpan?!...Well, I know one thing you better be buying me for our anniversary!!

Jeff: Yea, okay...I can afford a dustpan. It's not as expensive as paying for dinner :-) I'm only offering dinner to foxes. That's who I saw just wander into the woods and eat the mouse! ^_^

          Deb: Ewwwwwwwwww! O_O

Jeff: :-) ...Wanna here me sing now?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Vlogging - Mr. & Mrs. Wug's Old Pictures

          Mrs. Wug: Me and the Mister decided to share some old photos with you. Please forgive the lack of clarity...of the pictures I mean. We were perfectly clear about who we were! LOL...There's four parts. I hope you end up laughing with us, and not AT us!!! ^_^

          Have a good day Everybody! :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

'Virtual' Date Night...In A Word!

         Hubby and I have been spending some of our Friday 'date night' time playing Scrabble...*yawn*...I know. We're sooooo interesting! LOL You just don't know 'how' interesting!...We're so interesting that we wanted to share our board from last week with you! ^_^
      Well, as it ended up, "I" wanted to share the board! :-)) Things didn't turn out as hubby thought they would when we got started!...Here's what I mean...

       He wanted a "re-do over" from the game that we played the week before...where I beat him unmercifully! ^_^ {No worries though, we still love each other....Scrabble lumps and all! LOL} So......we played. :-/
         He was soooooooo sure he was gonna beat my socks off this time!! But I was soooooo sure.....Okay. I was a little worried. He was so determined this time!! O_O

        He felt that maybe I had taken undue advantage of him in games being the 'Word Queen' and all! ^_^ ...And maybe I did!...*twirling the corner of my moustache......O_O Oops! I might've given you too much information there...I don't 'REALLY' have a moustache!...*Hormones! Grrrr!* So he was sure this match would be "fairer" now that he was completely awake and not exhausted after a long day of work!...

        So, instead of a "movie"...

       ...or taking a "taxi" out to the airport so that we could go on some trip or the other for the weekend... 

        ...we played a game of Scrabble...intensely!...And in between waiting times, when the brains of the other one was smoking from all that pondering and thinking, we sang to each "ditty" after the other! LOL
        But in the end this game ended like all the other ones we've played...except for one. {He beat me so bad that time that I had a twitch for a week!! LOL}...

       Hubby pulled ahead.....I caught up.....and moved on down the road, until all he could see was the back of me in his "rear" view Scrabble mirror! ^_^ ...I killed him! LOL And I left him with a word...

      ..."urn"...because even those Scrabble-y killed should have somewhere nice to spend their time! LOL
        And the score when it was all said and done?!... 343. I won.......He was a very good sport......and we live to play again!! ^_^ And Oh Yes! There will be an 'AGAIN'!...He's nothing if not persistent!! That's why I love him! LOL...One of these days he's gonna get me!!!...*wink! wink!*...And WOW! The 2012 National Scrabble Championship will take place on August 11-15 in Orlando Florida!...Hmmm...maybe we better plan another 'virtual' trip! ^_^ Our 30th wedding anniversary "is" coming up! :-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"You Are The Best Decorator Ever!".......NOT!

          Mrs. Wug: Honey, I know you consider yourself to be a 'jack-of-all-trades' and everything, but really...I think you should leave the decorating to me!

Mr. Wug: What are you try to say? I think I'm a pretty good decorator!

          Mrs. Wug:  Uhhhhh...I've seen your work. Trust's not 'all that'. It's not even 'half of that'! Ha! Ha!

Mr. Wug: You think you're funny! But REALLY...I think I'm a pretty good decorator!

          Mrs. Wug: Okay...let's put it to the test. You know all of that old furniture that's just sitting in that room gathering dust? You put it in some sort of arrangement that people might wanna actually sit on.

Mr. Wug:  Okay...I'll make a nice cozy nook that'll be saying: "Come! Sit...relax, with some tea and a bowl of popcorn!" :-)

          Mrs. Wug: I can't wait to see this! :-)) ...Start with the corner that has the love seat and the chairs...

Mr. Wug: No problem!....Well, it's a little crowded now. So, I'm gonna take out a couple of chairs...

         ...and I'm gonna have these two chairs pointing toward the couch...

            Mrs. Wug: Uhhh...number one, you can't get to the love seat.....and number two, where are the people's legs gonna go?! O_O

Mr. Wug: Well, the chairs have wheels and they can move...

          Mrs. Wug: Oh! So we just have to tell any visitors we get that they just need to take a course in how to 'wheel' a chair before they come to visit...done! LOL 

Mr. Wug: They don't need a course. Just a couple of simple instructions! ^_^ ...But I had another option. I could've put them like this!...

         ...Or like this!...

          Mrs. Wug: What's with the fan?!....And do we live in a movie theater?! O_O There's no big screen in front of there! Why would people be sitting like that, all bunched up, staring in the same direction...and not looking at, and talking to, each other?! O_0

Mr. Wug: I was trying to give them the atmosphere of riding on a bus!

          Mrs. Wug: Riding on a bus...while they're sitting in a living room?!

Mr. Wug:.....(pause).....Yes!

          Mrs. Wug: Uh huh!....That don't make sense...and you know it!!....Mr. Decorator!...*shaking my head*...LOL...What about the other side of the room?!...

         ...Everything is all 'willy-nilly' in there!

Mr. Wug: Oh yeah! I can see how this part of the room needs tightening up! There's too much stuff in there...

         ....Now that's better....I just gotta get headless Tina out of there...

        .....BAM!...There you go! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: You know what?!....I like it! :-) You actually made that old furniture and stuff look good enough to wanna sit around on!...That'll be a great place for you and your buddies to go now! :-)

Mr. Wug: Great!...High five! :-)

          Mrs. Wug: *High fived him*.....But just so you know....I still think your decorating skills need you say...'tightening up'! LOL

Mr. Wug: Whatever! ^_^