Monday, April 23, 2012

'Virtual' Date Night...In A Word!

         Hubby and I have been spending some of our Friday 'date night' time playing Scrabble...*yawn*...I know. We're sooooo interesting! LOL You just don't know 'how' interesting!...We're so interesting that we wanted to share our board from last week with you! ^_^
      Well, as it ended up, "I" wanted to share the board! :-)) Things didn't turn out as hubby thought they would when we got started!...Here's what I mean...

       He wanted a "re-do over" from the game that we played the week before...where I beat him unmercifully! ^_^ {No worries though, we still love each other....Scrabble lumps and all! LOL} So......we played. :-/
         He was soooooooo sure he was gonna beat my socks off this time!! But I was soooooo sure.....Okay. I was a little worried. He was so determined this time!! O_O

        He felt that maybe I had taken undue advantage of him in games being the 'Word Queen' and all! ^_^ ...And maybe I did!...*twirling the corner of my moustache......O_O Oops! I might've given you too much information there...I don't 'REALLY' have a moustache!...*Hormones! Grrrr!* So he was sure this match would be "fairer" now that he was completely awake and not exhausted after a long day of work!...

        So, instead of a "movie"...

       ...or taking a "taxi" out to the airport so that we could go on some trip or the other for the weekend... 

        ...we played a game of Scrabble...intensely!...And in between waiting times, when the brains of the other one was smoking from all that pondering and thinking, we sang to each "ditty" after the other! LOL
        But in the end this game ended like all the other ones we've played...except for one. {He beat me so bad that time that I had a twitch for a week!! LOL}...

       Hubby pulled ahead.....I caught up.....and moved on down the road, until all he could see was the back of me in his "rear" view Scrabble mirror! ^_^ ...I killed him! LOL And I left him with a word...

      ..."urn"...because even those Scrabble-y killed should have somewhere nice to spend their time! LOL
        And the score when it was all said and done?!... 343. I won.......He was a very good sport......and we live to play again!! ^_^ And Oh Yes! There will be an 'AGAIN'!...He's nothing if not persistent!! That's why I love him! LOL...One of these days he's gonna get me!!!...*wink! wink!*...And WOW! The 2012 National Scrabble Championship will take place on August 11-15 in Orlando Florida!...Hmmm...maybe we better plan another 'virtual' trip! ^_^ Our 30th wedding anniversary "is" coming up! :-)


  1. hee , hee a fun post ! I followed both of your blogs . Thank you visiting mine . ♥


    1. ^_^ Awww! Thanks Diana...We can be kinda silly over here sometimes!...Thanks for the follow..I mean "follows"...too!


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