Thursday, March 8, 2012

"I Pity The Fool..."

         It's another case of the conversation that went "Bonk, Bonk!" in the night! LOL

          Mrs. Wug: "WOW! He still looks so young!''....*** I was talking about Mr. T, the actor known for his role as B. A. Baracus in the 1980s television series "The A-Team". I saw him on a commercial on television while I was channel surfing. ***

Mr. Wug: "He's a Cancer survivor." 

           Mrs. Wug: O_0 .....*** That's the look I have on my face sometimes when hubby and I have conversations. It sometimes seems like we're two conversation ships, passing in the night....

          ...and passing in the day....and every time we talk!! ^_^ ***......

          Mrs. Wug: "Cancer doesn't make someone look younger!" O_0

Mr. Wug: "Noooo! I didn't mean that!...I meant that it's amazing that he looks so young considering that he's a Cancer survivor!"

          Mrs. Wug: "Ohhhhhhh! Well why didn't you say that?!"

Mr. Wug: "I did say that!...Well,...I didn't say it in so many words!...But you knew what I meant!"

          O_0 ...*** Clearly I didn't know what he meant!!...

          ....In fact, that happens a lot!! LOL...The other night I was in the bedroom watching American Idol. Hubby was in the kitchen washing a couple of dishes we had dessert on. He was taking sooooo long to come back...

          ...and the good singer was about to sing. So I yelled:...***

          Mrs. Wug:  "What are you doing?!" ...*** It had been about 20 minutes!! ***

          He didn't answer at first...Another few minutes went by and I yelled the same thing....Grrrrr!...He finally hollered back:

Mr. Wug: "Washing the dishes!!"..Grrrr!

          Mrs. Wug: "I don't hear any water!"...*** In fact, it had been dead quiet in there for quite a few minutes! ***

          He came in the room annoyed, in a huff kinda, and showed me his wet hands:

Mr. Wug: "See!!"..."You're so suspicious!!"...Grrrr!

          Mrs. Wug: O_0 ......"WOW!...Where did that come from?!!...Just because I asked what you were doing?!!"

Mr. Wug: "Yeah! What did you think I was doing?!!"

          Mrs. Wug: "I don't know! That's  why I asked!!"

Mr. Wug: "I told you I was washing dishes!"

          Mrs. Wug: "Yeah, but there wasn't any water running!!"

Mr. Wug: "I know! Because I was drying up the sink and countertop!"

          Mrs. Wug: "Well, why did you say you were washing dishes?!"

Mr. Wug: "Because that's what I was doing! The dishes were all done and I was drying up the sink! It's all the same thing!"

          Mrs. Wug: O_0 ........Is it just me?...or is there some interference in the force?!....The husband and wife conversation force, I mean?!....Ha! Ha!.....As Yul Brenner said in 'The King and I': "Is a puzzlement!" ^_^


  1. This is just to funny. Just think I thought that it only happened in my house....LOL.... Thank you for sharing. It just shows us that e are not alone. Have a great weekend the both of you.

    1. Ha! Ha! No! Not in just your house!....not by a long shot!! ^_^ I'm afraid that us humans all over the world are more alike than we are different!...Have a good weekend, Velma!

  2. Replies
    1. ^_^ I'm glad it gave you a tickle, Sue!

  3. I'm still laughing--- is there a married couple anywhere who doesn't have such conversations? So funny--- guys just don't get it!

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't know if all married couples have these conversations or not, but it would sure make me feel better to know that we're not alone!! LOL


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