Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are We Getting Too Old To Boogie?!

       Hubby and I are in our 50s now. But being in our 50s hasn't changed who we are...not one bit! When we were younger, let's our teens and 20s...we were adventurous, curious and ambitious about what we could do.
       In our 50s we are....adventurous, curious and ambitious about what we can do! ^_^ Nothing has changed!....Well, something has changed...what has changed is the amount of time the message gets from our brain to other parts of our body as to what we're about to do! LOL

Mr. Wug: Oh Yeah! That's definitely changed! Now I'm starting to need a lot more time to warm up before I get out of bed in the morning...
       Mrs. Wug: Yeah, and we're both starting to make those grunting noises that we used to tease about hearing 'old people' make! LOL

Mr. Wug: Yeah, now we 'are' the 'old people'! LOL
       Mrs. Wug: Maybe...but we're still 'us'! We haven't changed that much...on the inside at least! LOL We're the people...
       ...who are Witnesses of Jehovah, spiritual, serious and living our life with a purpose... :-)
Mr. Wug: Right, and we're the people...
       ...who are fun-loving, realizing that age is just a number!...
       ...We're world travelers, always up for anything! ^_^
       Mrs. Wug: Yeah!!! LOL...
     ...But the question is...are we getting too old for some things?! O_O
Mr. Wug: Like what?!
       Mrs. Wug: we getting too old to watch 'Sesame Street'?...or eat spaghetti with our fingers?!

Mr. Wug: Nahhhh! And we're not getting too old to have 'foot wars' under the covers, or draw stick people and doodle, or to collect rocks either! Ha! Ha!
       Mrs. Wug: Okayyyyy!....I could give you an argument about some of those, but....I won't! ^_^ 

Mr. Wug: Why should we have to act old just because......we have a number of years behind us?!
       Mrs. Wug: Ha! Ha! You were just about to say...just because we're getting 'long in the tooth', weren't you?!! ^_^

Mr. Wug: No!....No! I wasn't gonna say that! That's something an old man would say! LOL Listen....I don't know too many old people who are going on 'virtual' date night trips all over the world every week, and who are spending some of their date nights boogieing!! ^_^ Ha! Ha!
       Mrs. Wug: You know what?!! I think you're finally right!! Ha! Ha!
       Hmmm... in retrospect...maybe we are getting a little 'too' old to boogie! :-]
Mr. Wug: Nahhhhhhh!


  1. You two are to funny. I hope Mr. Wug is ok he looked like he was getting tired. I believe that I even saw him hold his chest like he might be having an attack. Loved reading your couples post. Have a Great Day!!!!!

  2. Age is relative!! It's temporary! We're just kids in Jehovah's eyes! I have to remind myself of that all the time. You're never too old to boogie! I'm older than you and I still boogie! In fact, I LOVE to boogie!! I feel it the next day, but I still love to do it!! I have to say that you guys are so cute! I love the photos! Gives me a bit more perspective as to who you are! That Minnie Mouse photo with hubby is so cute! Kids at heart!!! I love the video!! He can really "cut a rug!" Love that song too! Thanks for the post!!

  3. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! Yes, Vel, he's still breathing!!! ^_^ It's labored, grunting every time he moves breathing, but breathing just the same!!!...Of course, mine is as well! LOL But it hasn't stopped us from boogieing!!!! ^_^ Have a great weekend!!...Boogie on!!

  4. CinLynn, Yea, age is relative...but our bodies are trying to make it 'relevant!' LOL We look so forward to one day skipping over hills and dales, with no pain or joint seizures! ^_^ ..And you gave us a big smile thinking of you boogieing!!!...I'm glad you enjoyed those silly photos. I'm afraid...that's us!! ^_^ Sometimes it's hard to believe that these brains are wrapped up and housed in these old, crickety people bodies! Ha! Ha!..By the way, I had to 'lay down the law' with hubby and his miss Minnie mouse! He was just a little bit too enamored with her!! ^_^


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