Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Does 'Groundhog Day' And 'Jane Austen' Have In Common?!

Mr. Wug: What is it with you and these 'Jane Austen movies?! How many times have you seen 'Pride and Prejudice'?!
     Mrs. Wug: What do you mean?!...I thought you liked 'Jane Austen' movies as much as me?!
Mr. Wug: Uhhhh...I do, but every time we go looking for a movie to watch you say 'Ooo Oooo! Pride and Prejudice!' And I'm like 'how many times can you watch a movie?! It's like 'Groundhog Day'!...It don't make no sense! You know what the outcome is gonna be! It's gonna be the same every time!...'Mr. Darty! I hate you!...Mr. Darty...I love you!' Ha! Ha!
     Mrs. Wug: Okayyy..number one...his name is not Mr. DarTY! It's Mr. Dar-CY! :-) ...Number two...You're just upset because I don't wanna watch 'Rocket-man every day!!!! LOL
         ...I mean...just because I'd rather watch 'Sense and Sensibility' instead of some fake guy shooting across the sky with a jet pack on his back!...*Teehee*
Mr. Wug: Number's not 'Rocket-MAN...and it's not some 'fake guy'! It's 'RockeTEER'! :-)) ...Number two...I don't like watching 'that' all the time either. We need a new repetoire.
     Mrs. Wug: Look at you using big words like 'repertoire'!! LOL
Mr. Wug: Well, I didn't learn that from watching 'Pride and Prejudice'...^_^...because they speak in  the king's English!....ANYWAY!!!! We gotta change up.
     Mrs. Wug: I 'do' change up! I don't always watch 'Pride and Prejudice' or 'Jane Austen' movies. I watch a lot of different movies and T.V. shows. I just happen to like the old style movies, especially 'Jane Austen' 'Emma'. I love 'Emma' too...
          ...It just went off a few minutes ago though. I wish I had seen that one from the beginning. Mr. Knightly is almost as debonair as Mr. Darcy! :-]
Mr. Wug: Well, to me they're all the same. They all seem to have the same theme..."I love you, I love you, I love you!"...."I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" Ha! Ha! 
     Mrs. Wug: Whatever!!...You'll watch it if it's on. 
Mr. Wug: That's true...*chuckle*
     Mrs. Wug: Most of the time we like watching the same things anyway. Basketball and football games...
Mr. Wug: ...Tennis.....T.V. shows like 'Parenthood'...
     Mrs. Wug: Oh yeah! We love that show!!...And then there's....Ummm...'Amazing Race', 'Top Chef', 'Cake Boss',...
Mr. Wug: ...Don't forget 'Iron Chef' and game shows like 'Wheel Of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy'...
     Mrs. Wug: Look at that! We do like a lot of the same things!...So why are you complaining about 'Pride and Prejudice' this morning?!
Mr. Wug: Because we see that one over and over again. Every word that comes out you can mouth right along with the characters!
     Mrs. Wug: And what? have a problem with that?! Why is it really bothering you?!....I know what your problem is!'re jealous of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightly! ^_^
Mr. Wug: No, I'm not jealous of them. They're fictional characters...I just wanna watch something every once in a while that I don't know the end of!
     Mrs. Wug: You mean like this conversation?! LOL
Mr. Wug: Yes! ^_^ ...Goodnight Mrs. Wug!
     Mrs. Wug:  :-) Goodnight Mr. Wug. Although... 'I need no longer call you Mr. Wug. Now, I can call you "MY" Mr. Wug!' :-)
 Mr. Wug: *shaking his head*....Oh boy....LOL


  1. That conversation is just to funny and also very familiar. Sorry I can't stop laughing.My husband likes to watch M*A*S*H over and over and over and he always tell me that the one he is watching he hasn't seen before......LOL... which is a big fib he has seen all of them at least a hundred times. Thank you for sharing. It just reminds us that we are not alone.

  2. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! Ha! Now you have us 'cracking up laughing'!! I used to watch 'Mash' like a crazy girl back in the day too!! ^_^ Hubby is like that about old songs from the 70s...over and over again!!...{I like quit wit mixed with realism. That's why I was into 'Mash' for a while. I bauled like a baby on the final episode!! ^_^} Looks like me and your hubby have some things in common...but Jane Austen is probably not one of them!! LOL

  3. Yep.. sound like a similar conversation in our house..
    btw I LOVE Jane Austin movies.. I have the BBC Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth).. love it :)

    Love Iron Chef to :)

  4. Alittlesprite, *Teehee*...It makes me feel so much better to know that we're not the only ones...Iron Chef included!! ^_^ And, by the way, I love the Colin Firth version too!...In fact, I haven't seen a version I didn't like yet!! LOL

  5. This sounds a bit like conversations in our house! I love Jane Austin too! Hubby....thinks they're "chick flicks" and usually falls asleep. At least your hubby will watch them!
    Hope you can agree on something to watch today. And I hope "Mr. Wug" is feeling better.

  6. CinLynn, We agreed on something to watch...but then I ended up watching it alone while he slept the rest of his cold away! LOL It was soothing 'Get-Well' sleep music apparently though! ^_^


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